SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Briefs Current and Future Business Opportunities (and tries to redefine history)


Over 400 Industry representatives met in Charleston on 30 July 2014 for the Small Business Industry Outreach Initiative Symposium (SBIOI) where SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT) briefed their current and future opportunities. Anyone who travels to Charleston this time of year, when the temperature and humidity level are unbearable, should be rewarded for his or […]

FTC Makes Recommendations to Prevent Cramming


A recent press release from the Federal Trade Commission identifies “cramming” as a significant threat to American consumers and announces the release of an FTC report addressing the issue. The FTC defines cramming as “the unlawful practice of placing unauthorized third-party charges on mobile phone accounts.” Often applications and downloads do not clearly present their […]

Power Your Patient Portal with the Latest Advances in Data Science


With U.S. agencies mandating that healthcare providers engage their consumers through patient portals, data science may be the secret weapon for physicians and health care organizations to not only comply with that mandate, but provide a level of service that bonds them to patients under their care. Combined with electronic health records (EHR), patient portals […]

Amazon’s App Store for the Physical World


Technologists love talking about the future and its “Internet of Things,” or the increasing interaction between the physical and cyber worlds. With the introduction of wearables, flyables, driveables, and even eatables, the convergence of physical and cyber systems has never been more pronounced. And with major retailers like Amazon joining the fray, the Internet of Things […]

Video Shows What To Do When Your Cyber Adversaries Are Automating


The video at this link and embedded below provides an overview of conclusions from CTOvision research into ways to automate the removal of cyber threats (including malware) from your enterprise. It highlights ten requirements CTOs, CIOs, CISOs and CFOs should articulate as critical to success in automating security response. The bottom line of this research: […]

Interview on Automated Malware Removal


Editor’s note: This interview was first posted on the Hexis Cyber website. – bg Three Questions on Automated Malware Removal with Bob Gourley, Cognitio Corp and CTOVision Another day, another data breach. While there’s still an emphasis – and related spending – on malware detection, most incident response teams are actually overwhelmed by vast number […]