Bob Gourley Named One of the Top 50 Twitter Influencers for Big Data by SAP

Yesterday, SAP released a list of “Top 50 #BigData Twitter Influencers” on their blog and included CTOvision editor Bob Gourley. The list was aimed at identifying who to follow for “the latest trends, news and opinions” on Big Data, as well as to identify the figures shaping the discussion and the evolution of field. The list was determined by tweet topics, number of followers, number of tweets, and influence as calculated by Klout, a web service that uses Hadoop to measure influence online.

Other top influencers included Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera, Leena Rao, writer at Tech Crunch, and the official accounts of IBM Big Data, the Big Data Expo, and Greenplum.

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