GSA Cancels two more conferences, ICS' are still under attack

gsa_logo-300x300Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day.

  • Cloud security service protects WordPress content – “Developer NorseCrop has launched a cloud security service designed to protect open-source content management systems that many SMBs use to run their Internet sites.” NorseCrop has Joomla and Drupal versions to follow as well. This service will help SMBs create a stronger (more secure) WordPress offering. Via ZDNet, more here.
  • Deleted cloud files can be recovered from smartphones, researchers find - “Researchers were able to recover Word docs, PDFs, and other data deleted from Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync with iPhone and Android devices.” This is unwelcome news for many users of cloud services. Researchers added the files to the service, synced them locally on the devices and then deleted them, but found that fragments were left behind. Via InfoWorld, more here.
  • GSA cancels two summer conferences – The GSA will be canceling FedForum and SmartPay Training Forum due to travel cuts. Today’s budgets will be evidenced in a significantly smaller number of federal conferences, which increases the need for sharing and collaboration services. Via Federal Times, more here.
  • Google Chrome: Best security tips for safer browsing – Google Chrome offers some increased security capabilities compared to other browsers; however, there are still ways to activate stronger security parameters. This article goes further in depth into how to set these security parameters. Via ComputerWorld, more here.
  • Despite new security in Galaxy S4, BlackBerry remains king – A security expert has lauded the new security setup on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but still believes the BlackBerry Z10 has a higher degree of security. Both devices use segregation for “work and play,” but BlackBerry has a deeper level of security by requiring their BB Enterprise Server behind the company firewalls. Via Network World, more here.
  • Changing the IT culture at NIST - “In an interview with FedScoop, Brockett said he’s been pushing to change the IT culture at NIST in the two and a half years since becoming CIO, aiming to give its world-class scientists a world-class IT organization.” Brockett has a cloud based email and collaboration on the horizon, along with a hybrid cloud environment, virtual desktop infrastructure and a mobile architecture that will support their entire enterprise. Via FedScoop, more here.
  • Honeypots Show ICS’ Under Attack – Over a 28 day period, honeypots set up by Trend Micro were attacked 39 times, by 11 countries. “For some background, Trend Micro set up three separate honeypots, designed to look like genuine industrial machines, connected to the Internet. One was on Amazon’s public cloud, another on a private Dell server, while the final one included an actual Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controller used in the industrial environment.” China was responsible for 35% of the attacks while the US was responsible for 19% of all attacks. Via ISS Source, more here.

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