Invincea and Dell: New OEM agreement delivers cutting edge security to millions of endpoints

I’ve mentioned before how proud I am to be associated with Invincea as a member of their advisory board. They are a firm with a fantastic team of engineers and executives led by a mission-focused CEO. Together the Invincea team has built a capability that can mitigate some of the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT security today. They stop zero-day malware and APTs and do so in ways that allow enterprises to leverage the full power of their technology to accomplish their mission. People remain connected to themselves, their enterprise apps and the Internet and the malware stays out.

Now it is easier than ever for enterprises to leverage Invincea’s advanced malware prevention technologies. They have just announced an OEM agreement with Dell that will enable millions of endpoints to use this capability. Score one for the good guys.

Here is more from their press release:

Invincea to Boost Dell’s “Most Secure” Line of Business Class Computers with Advanced Malware Prevention Technology

Dell and Invincea Sign OEM Agreement to Deliver Cutting Edge Security to Millions of Endpoints

FAIRFAX, VA— June 25, 2013— Invincea, Inc., the market leader in the development of secure virtual containers for advanced malware threat detection, zero-day exploit prevention, and cyber threat forensic intelligence, today announced an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Dell to ship a customized version of Invincea’s award-winning endpoint security solution using the Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace brand. This offering will ship as part of the standard image on Dell’s entire line of commercial end-user solutions including its Latitude, OptiPlex, and Dell Precision™ tablets and PCs. The scope of the multi-year agreement involves protection of more than 20 million devices in the first 12 months and tens of millions more in subsequent years.

Invincea’s unique, non-signature based secure virtual container technology will power Dell’s DDP | Protected Workspace offering to secure users — and the networks to which they connect — against all forms of online attacks such as: spear-phishing, watering hole attacks, web-drive bys, poisoned search results, Java-based exploits, ransomware/crimeware, social networking worms and malvertising. The agreement represents the first large-scale deployment by an end-user OEM of Invincea’s endpoint security technology to defend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks.

The agreement further differentiates Dell’s world class end-user platforms by supporting the company’s pioneering approach to delivering security straight from the factory.  By integrating a custom version of Invincea’s technology directly into Dell solutions, the company is protecting businesses in the highly targeted Global 500 and Large Enterprise sectors; the vulnerable small to medium enterprise (SME) space; critical infrastructures that depend on desktop computing for their operations; and individuals against cyber-crime and targeted attacks while dramatically reducing system remediation and repair costs out of the box.

“Dell’s goal is to deliver systems that empower each business without limitation,” said Brett Hansen, Executive Director, End User Computing of Dell. “At the same time, it’s never been a more dangerous time to do business online.  Working with companies like Invincea enables Dell to bake cutting edge, game-changing protections into each system from the factory. It puts Dell at the forefront of the industry with the ability to offer the most secure PCs in the world. We are proud to be partnering with a pioneer like Invincea to help our clients defend against cyber-attacks threatening their businesses.”

As targeted attacks continue to accelerate, both in volume and success, Invincea is a solution in high demand, experiencing significant growth across Government and Commercial sectors.  Invincea’s secure virtual container approach protects the network against user-targeted attacks and user-initiated compromise including clicking on malicious links, opening infected attachments, browsing to malicious web sites, and falling victim to watering hole attacks. Recent headlines including spear-phishing attacks against The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post and watering hole attacks against the U.S. Department of Labor are illustrative of the types of attacks Invincea defends against. Invincea’s non-signature based approach means there are no daily updates required and users are protected against zero-day exploits such as the recent exploit against Internet Explorer 8. Already proven and deployed in major Agencies, Defense Contractors, Financial Services, and Energy/Infrastructure concerns, this agreement with Dell brings Invincea’s industrial strength protection to small and medium sized enterprises as a new standard in endpoint protection against Advanced Persistent Threats and zero-day exploits.

“Today, no business is safe from cyber-attack, and every user is a potential target for an attack against the business,” said Anup Ghosh, Founder and CEO at Invincea. “Long gone are the days of malware being a nuisance and a mere cost of doing business.  Attackers are very good at fooling users to click on links and open attachments in order to get on the network and target sensitive data and intellectual property. This agreement with Dell puts Invincea’s unique capability to contain, capture and analyze zero-day attacks into the hands of global enterprises, small and medium businesses and individuals— giving them the ability now to defend against targeted attacks for which no other defense currently exists. We believe the large scale distribution of Invincea technology with Dell computers will be a game-changer in the computer industry and take a serious bite out of cyber-crime and targeted attacks.”

Invincea is recognized as providing one of most advanced malware prevention solutions in the market— having been named “Best Security Solution” by the Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) at the 2013 GOVTek Awards, “Most Innovative Company of the Year” at RSA 2011 and “Best Anti-Malware Solution 2012” by Government Security News. The company’s innovation more recently completed an exhaustive and successful test by the National Security Agency as part of a pre-acquisition effort for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Invincea’s solutions include an endpoint security software suite and threat intelligence appliance. Together these solutions offer a unique ability to protect enterprise networks without requiring prior knowledge of attacks, commonly called attack signatures, against all types of threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that render untrusted content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time.

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About Invincea, Inc.
Invincea is the market leader in the development of secure virtual containers for advanced malware threat detection, zero-day exploit prevention, and pre-breach forensic intelligence. Invincea is the only solution on the market that provides enterprise networks with coverage against the largest attack surface for cyber-breach attacks aimed at end-users in the form of spear-phishing, watering hole attacks, drive-by download exploits, poisoned search results, scareware/crimeware, social networking worms and user-initiated infections.

The company’s solutions include an endpoint security software suite and threat intelligence appliance. The solutions offer a unique ability to protect networks against all types of threats directed at end-users, including zero-days, by seamlessly moving applications that render untrusted content into controlled, secure virtual containers that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. Invincea’s platform seamlessly moves the browser, PDF reader, Microsoft Office suite, .zip, and .exe file types from the native operating system into secure virtualized environments without altering the user experience. The company, which was founded by Dr. Anup Ghosh to address the rapidly increasing security threat from nation states, cyber-crime, and rogue actors, has commercialized technology originally built under DARPA funding. The company is venture capital-backed and based in Fairfax, VA. For more information, visit

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