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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the blog. Ryan Kamauff is our Associate Editor who manages contributing writers, if you have any questions feel free to contact him.

Here is some information of interest:

1. We are here to serve our readers. We believe most of our readers have interests in enterprise technology issues, including Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Security, CIO and CTO career issues, requirements, challenges and the future of IT. Many of our readers also have an interest in the technologies of national security.  Please review pieces in our site to get a solid feel for what we write about.

2. If you can generate content of interest to our readers we would love to see your work and would encourage you to submit to our blog. Published pieces are turned around in our newsletters and sent via RSS to many other sites, so you can reach our readers via multiple paths.

3. We like seeing pieces that generate dialog with our users. Some of that dialog occurs on this site in comments, but much of it occurs via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Consider connecting to us in those paths as well so you can participate more broadly in the after-posting dialog on your piece.

4. Guest bloggers will need to be approved by our associate editor, Ryan Kamauff, prior to our creating an account and publishing your work. Please use the form below to request a contributor account and we will activate that as soon as we can.

5. All guest bloggers are also required to signup to Gravatar, if you have not already, so we can use the photo you put there in your bio.

6.  After you get your login info, please try the system out. This is a wordpress-based site and is really easy to learn. You will have a “contributor” account that will let you write and manage your own posts. But you will need to give us a head’s up when your drafts are ready to post so we can review and get them out.

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Thank you in advance for agreeing to contribute your thoughts to CTOvision readers. Please help us get your account up and running by providing the information below.