Amazon Releases Smartphone Fire


Although the number of smartphone users has exploded in recent years, not too many companies have successfully established themselves as major players in the smartphone market. In April, Amazon revealed its intention of wading into the smartphone market this Summer, and last week Amazon debuted its Fire smartphone, which boasts some impressive features and specs. […]

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: building a business when there are no easy answers


I was recently speaking with a friend who formed a business. His background is perfect for what he is doing, his ideas are solid, his product addresses a pain point in most modern enterprises. And he has the stamina and work ethic of a champion. But still there is no certainty in his future. Even […]

Video of @GeoffreyaMoore on “Crossing the Chasm” In An Age of Big Data Analytics


“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway” Geoffrey Moore At this link and embedded below you can hear directly from a key thinker and shaper of big ideas that have influenced most all of us. Yes, even if you don’t know it, Geoffrey Moore has been influencing you, for years!  This video […]

The Guide To Professional Hadoop Solutions For The Enterprise


I’ve known Kevin Smith of Novetta Solutions for years and have been a huge fan of both his ability to write about technology and his ability to field enterprise grade solutions that really work. He knows real enterprise solutions require focused planning, solid designs and an attitude of enterprise-focused teamwork. He is the kind of […]

SCADA and ME: A Book For Children and Management


I have just published a children’s book on SCADA. How crazy is that? Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) refers to the technologies and protocols used in most manufacturing, oil and gas, electrical grid, and transportation for communicating with physical components like pumps, turbines, and switches. That communication can be used to set new operating parameters […]

Open Source Degree: An alternative to a computer science degree


So, you want to be a programmer. Well you need to get a computer science degree right? Maybe, but would you like to know about a free alternative? Why not a computer science degree? Some of the best programmers have a computer science degree and some of the best programmers don’t. In all the times […]