Crucial Point LLC Web Properties

Our  Primary Properties are:

  •  - We serve the enterprise technology community by seeking out the most relevant news, commentary and assessments on technology. The site also fuels several newsletters. Our premier publication is our monthly technology review. Every month we send this to over 25000 technology thought leaders. Other products include our Daily summary and the Weekly Government Big Data Newsletter.  Sign up for these newsletters here.
  •  - Analyst One is a site created to serve analysts working hard problems. Topics Covered by Analyst One include: Analytics: the use of advanced tools and methodologies to extract meaning from data, Megatrends in the Analytical Community: The major forces in the analytical community that will impact us all, Technologies: Tools that can improve analytical outcomes, especially user-focused applications, Architectural constructs: For enterprise support to the analyst, Analytical challenges and use cases: The hard problems that need more community focused thought, and repeatable solutions that should be broadly shared. Our focus is on the hardest challenges, those requiring an enterprise approach to sensemaking. Sign up for the Analyst One Report here.
  •  - provides technology evaluations for enterprise CISOs. We offer free subscriptions and newsfeeds of current information relevant to the enterprise security community plus a special members only research section. Our insights come from years of experience in what works and doesn’t for enterprise security. Topics we cover include Security Concepts and AnalysisCISO NewsCyber Threats and Technologies.
  •  - The Delphi Brief provides unique insights and commentary on the national security affairs community. Major topics covered include: DoDThe Intelligence Community  National Security Technology, Strategic Analysis.
  • – Providing an updated feed of open source threat intelligence reporting.

Our Other Web Properties Include:


  • CTOlist - Tech news, always up to date.
  • TotalNewsWatch - We track the most relevant news sources and provide a total news watch for your reference.
  • FedClouds - An always updated reference to cloud computing, focused on the federal sector.


  • - Our founder’s personal site, loaded with experimental code.
  • – A succinct list of key CTO references. Add your site to this directory.
  • – capturing all events of CTO interest.


  • Crucial Point LLC - Our consultancy. Visit for information on how to partner with us.
  • TwitChimp – curate and manage Twitter lists.
  • CodeGet – Get the right code for your project.



  • BobsDNS - How we manage our site registrations.
  • CloutBot - Measure multiple factors on any site, fast.
  • IPWonk - Find out what your IP address is, fast.
  • – Fast creation of social media stats for any website on the net.