Did Amazon knock one out of the park with the Kindle Fire HDX?


Last week, Jeff Bezos and Amazon released their updated Kindle Fire HD. I have been waiting to see how Amazon would react to the new Google/Asus Nexus 7 (which was quite a hit), but was honestly quite surprised with the quality of the product that Amazon has released. Coupled with their Fire OS 3.0 (based […]

What the Microsoft buyout of Nokia means to the consumer


Recently, Microsoft announced that they will be buying Nokia’s mobile division. In my mind, this was the inevitable conclusion of Nokia’s announcement that they would only manufacture Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft has struggled greatly with their Surface RT device, and Microsoft has had to cut the price (and toss in the $130 keyboard cover) to […]

Some thoughts on this week’s Google Nexus event

Nexus Logo

On Wednesday AM Sundar Pinchai, VP of Android and Chrome at Google, held a “breakfast event” in which he detailed the new Nexus 7 tablet, the Chromecast, Android 4.3, and some other details. The galvanizing release were details on the new Nexus 7, to be sold June 30, but the most important piece (in my […]

Optensity: Migrate, Compose and Create at Scale with AppSymphony


Rapidly compose and execute data analytics across multiple clouds Our unique AppSymphony platform provides graphical composition for analytic workflows, virtualizes the composed workflows (or Apps) and executes the Apps across multiple clouds. AppSymphony allows Software Developers, Data Scientists, Domain Experts, Analysts and Decision Makers to collaborate to make Big Data sing to all of its users. AppSymphony […]

Well Engineered use of AWS by Recovery and Transparency Board (RATB)

After speaking with Shawn Kingsberry in preparations for our 4 April Government Big Data Forum I realized their use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be of very high interest to our readers and went about looking for more info online to see what was publicly available. I was ecstatic to see a well written […]

Amazon Rumored To Be Working On A $99 7-Inch Kindle Fire HD, Watch every NCAA Tournament buzzer beater with Thuuz Sports app and more

Here are the top mobile news and stories of the day. Jawbone brings its UP fitness bracelet to Android, returns to Europe – I have a MotoACTV watch (as I’ve written often here), so I like to pay attention to this realm. The first Jawbone UP was a colossal failure, and only worked with iOS […]