Fake Security App Climbs to the Top of Google’s Play Store


Even security applications are not always secure. In April, an application named “Virus Shield” reached the top of Google Play Store’s paid charts – the app was downloaded more than 10,000 times for $3.99. The application’s description boasts the capability to “improve the speed of your phone with just one click.” The application received a […]

Released DoJ Documents Show Darker Side of Steve Jobs

The much anticipated iPhone 5C is not the budget device Apple needs to

Nearly everyone has an opinion of Steve Jobs. Since his death in 2011, a bad movie, a weighty autobiography, and numerous anecdotes have surfaced – describing his inexhaustible ambition, his excitable, and his disrespect for others. Perhaps you have heard pieces of the rumored fish tank incident? After painstakingly designing and building the world’s very […]

MegaTrend Update: Dramatic and broad shifts in models due to software ("software eats the world")


We have been tracking this since Marc Andreessen called the trend out in 2011 (see “Why Software is Eating the World“) and are especially interested in how the trend will impact the world of the enterprise. We think this trend will continue, since it is being fed by growing proliferation of smart phones with increasingly […]

InZero Systems: Solving the Mobile Device Dilemma With 2-Tablets-in-1


InZero Systems of Herndon VA, has created an Android tablet – - the “WorkPlay Tablet™” – - with two hardware-separated operating systems (OS’s). Operating code in one (including any malware) cannot access the other. One OS is called the “WorkZone”, the other the “PlayZone”, recognizing that tablets are increasingly used for both enterprise and personal […]

Hello-Hello: Language Learning apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle


Hello-Hello is an innovative mobile language learning company that couples language learning with social networking allowing users to interact with native speakers around the world. Hello-Hello was the first company to develop a language learning app designed exclusively for the iPad. The company’s first app was included in the limited 1,000-app Grand Opening of the […]

SiliconANGLE: Great Way To Bring Silicon Valley To Your Enterprise


If you love learning about technology this is a great time to be alive. There is so much out there worth learning. And there are so many free and open information sources. The only problem is picking your information sources. You have to prioritize or you can bury yourself in useless or even counterproductive info. […]