Encyclopedia Dramatica And The Case Of The Satoshi Paradox


By now, readers will likely have caught themselves up with the twists and turns of Newsweek‘s apparently ill-fated hunt for the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudoanonymous brain behind bitcoin. I point readers to financial analyst Felix Salmon’s blog on the subject for a good overview of the tortured investigation process and its various ambiguities: One way […]

From Crowdsourced Militias to Dread Bitcoin Pirates


Editor’s note: This article was first published on Analyst One, a site focused on analysts and topics of interest to the analytical community.-bg There are two basic truths of social science that technologists scanning the news in recent weeks may appreciate. First, despite arguments about the rise and fall of the state, most countries are considerably less […]

Bitcoin Casino Nets 572k in 2012, 2.2PB of data in one gram of DNA and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. Bitcoin-funded online casino turned a $572,000 profit after six months of operation – Bitcoin casinos started popping up last year, offering gamblers a chance to continue to gamble online. One such casino, which had a game that focused on whether or not a roll […]

Skynet botnet operating on Tor Network, DDoS attacks are coming from data center facilities and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Tor network used to command Skynet botnet - Researchers have identified that the Skynet botnet used to commit DDoS attacks was operating on the Tor network. The C&C servers are only accessible from withing the Tor network. Tor uses a hidden service protocol to protect […]

NYC replaces payphones with touchscreens,

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. New York City replaces 250 public pay phones with iPad-like screens - after the effects of Superstorm Sandy, regular phone booths were suddenly hubs for communication. NYC will be installing smart screens that will “provide city information, emergency broadcasts and local business deals.” Via GigaOM, more […]

iOS and Android make history, Bitcoin pyramid scheme goes down and more

Here is today’s tech news and top stories. A Report from Flurry, the mobile analytics firm, states that mobile adoption has been faster than any other technology adoption ever - Smart device adoption is outpacing that of PCs, broadband, and even social networks. While the rate of adoption is absurd, it is not yet slowing, especially […]