Troux Technologies: Providing Insights From Enterprise Intelligence


Troux Technologies provides enterprise intelligence and planning solutions into some of the world’s most widely respected organizations. Troux provides business leaders, CIOs and their teams with information and tools that enable the successful evolution of their Enterprise Architecture (EA) functions into a powerful Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) discipline. Troux’s flagship product, TrouxView, is known for […]

Have You Ever Had A Complaint/Suggestion About How The Federal Government Buys Technology


Everyone with any history in or around government has stories they can tell about federal government procurements. It really is a different beast. There are many reasons why. Perhaps the first 535 reasons are the 535 voting members of the US Congress that have the funding, oversight and legislative powers for how government works. Name […]

AFFIRM Panel: Kirit Amin’s Concepts Continue To Have Positive Influence In Government Business Models


I just read a review of a a 13 March session of the Association for Federal Information Resources Management (see AFFIRM). AFFIRM is a non-profit collective seeking to improve the management of information and related systems in the federal government. Lord knows we need AFFIRM now! The panel of 13 March was part of their […]

Delphix: Virtualize applications and databases to save billions of dollars and hundreds of work hours


Applications are core to the enterprise; they drive nearly every aspect of the business. The typical F1000 CIO completed 46 application projects in 2013, and on average, 28 of these 46 projects were over budget and behind schedule. That CIO also spends an average of 40% of her annual budget on applications. To address this, […]

Efficient IT Modernization Strategies Summit 21 Nov 2013


Federal Computer Weekly, Government Computing News and SoftwareAG have crafted an event I believe every enterprise technologist in government should be tracking. It is the 21 November 2013 Efficient IT Modernization Strategies Summit, which will be held at the Grand Hyatt Washington. If you work in IT security, design, or strategy, or if you are […]

What does NGEN Stand For?: Not Getting Easier GOODGRIEF!!

Today the Navy announced that they had relieved the O6 in charge of the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) acquisition program.  When I read the news, I thought that FINALLY someone was going to be held accountable for the years of delays and the millions of dollars wasted on this mess.  But no… it appears that […]