Metrics and Big Data: How to measure the value of big data for your business


With the herald of innovative, personal, smart and targeted marketing, ‘big data’ offers enticing and varied advantages for businesses. The ability uncover and harness data, to tackle and tame the informational chaos presented, is increasingly expected of most organisations. But how do you know how useful and profitable data will be for your business uniquely? […]

Big Data = Dropping the Big One?


Editor’s note: This article was first published on Analyst One, a site focused on analysts and topics of interest to the analytical community.-bg Eminent network scientist Laszlo Barabasi recently penned an op-ed calling on fellow scientists to spearhead the ethical use of big data. Comparing big data to the atom bomb, Barabasi persuasively argued that the technology […]

Therapy for IT Insanity: ‘Big Data’ Deemed Mission Critical


A new study concludes that 70 percent of Federal IT executives deem “Big Data,” as a transformative lynchpin for mission critical work.  Published by MeriTalk, an online government IT resource, and sponsored by EMC Corporation, a leading provider of IT storage hardware solutions, “The Smarter Uncle Sam: The Big Data Forecast” the study’s results are […]

Ayasdi: Automatic Insight Discovery


Ayasdi is consistently innovating and garners industry recognition for this fact. Fast company named them to their top 10 Big Data innovators, for example. Here is what they had to say: For using a visual approach to take the guesswork out of big data. Instead of mining petabytes of info to solve a problem, customers of […]

20 June FCW Presents: Managing Big Data for Results


FCW is presenting an interesting session in DC 20 June 2013 which will focus on the new tools, technologies and management strategies bing developed to help government agencies manage and use their data to gain insights, solve problems and discover new info in their data holdings. Featured speakers include: C. Scot Atkins Program Manager, Supercomputing […]

Data Mining Taken to a New Level, Budget Cuts, and ICS getting a make over…

Some hot topics we are tracking: Data Mining Taken to a New Level During a recent expo Raytheon, the 5th largest defense contractor, displayed how their Rapid Information Overlay Technology could collect data a on user.  RIOT was designed to search through well known social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to gather […]