Hexis Cyber Solutions: Fielding An Active Defense Grid For Enterprise Cyber Defense


Hexis Cyber Solutions is fielding one of the most virtuous enterprise cyber security solutions I have evaluated, a capability called HawkEye G. I’ve tracked this capability since it was a concept on a white board and watched as experienced professionals turned those concepts into working models and proven/successful offerings. I was recently treated to an […]

Zoomdata: Designed to support Big Data


Zoomdata is the next generation data visualization system that easily allows companies and people to understand data visually in realtime. Designed to support Big Data, Zoomdata’s Stream Processing technology delivers real time data feeds to tablet and browser based devices. Through the use of touch screen devices, users are able to interact with data in […]

Exclusive Survey Results: Best Practices for Federal #BigData Projects

The attached report is designed to help both industry and government practitioners field better data systems into their enterprises. The report is based on interviews with government thought leaders, engagement with the community via our Government Big Data Newsletter, and focused sessions with key Big Data integrators. A key topic of the report is best […]

Metrics and Big Data: How to measure the value of big data for your business


With the herald of innovative, personal, smart and targeted marketing, ‘big data’ offers enticing and varied advantages for businesses. The ability uncover and harness data, to tackle and tame the informational chaos presented, is increasingly expected of most organisations. But how do you know how useful and profitable data will be for your business uniquely? […]

3 Dec Webinar on Reducing Cost and Increasing Functionality of Government Big Data Solutions: @Pentaho and @MongoDB Partner


On Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 1pm Eastern, I’ll be providing a review of the five best practices in federal Big Data solutions based on reporting here at CTOvision. This webinar, hosted by Pentaho, also features MongoDB.  Join us for a discussion that will include information you can use to enhance the agility of your […]

Appfluent: Transforming the economics of Big Data and Hadoop


For an overview of Appfluent see the video at this link and embedded below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIXWBV9m5PY Appfluent transforms the economics of Big Data and Hadoop. Appfluent provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into usage and performance of data warehouse and business intelligence systems. IT decision makers can view exactly which data is being used or not […]