Cyber Attack Targets Albuquerque Police Department


On March 30th, the hacktivist organization Anonymous shut down the Albuquerque Police Department’s website for several hours in a distributed denial-of-service (DoS) attack. The attack protested two controversial deaths – involving a homeless man in the Albuquerque foothills and a man in a public housing complex – where the police department used lethal force that […]

Lancope: Providing flow-based solutions for network security, performance and application monitoring


Lancope, Inc. is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data, Lancope’s StealthWatch® System helps organizations quickly detect a wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insider threats. Through pervasive […]

A look at Silver Tail Systems

silver tail

With cyber-attacks at a staggering 20 million per day, we have all been on the receiving end of a cyber-attack from either email spoofing or viruses sent our way. Silver Tail Software helps prevent and stop even complex cyber-attacks and fraud schemes. The software organizes and creates a model of a user’s full “web session” […]

Health problems being detected from places you visit on the web, Lending a helping cyber hand, Should the DOD adopt the term ‘cyber-weapon’


In this update: Health problems being detected from sites you visit on the web, Lending a helping cyber hand, Should the DOD adopt the term ‘cyber-weapon’, and more… Google uses search engine patterns to determine potential health problems. Goggle recently performed a research analysis on each user’s search preference while they used the Google search engine. […]

Facebook used as a billboard for malware, Officials and industry preparing for a more mobile government and more


Here are the top cybersecurity news and stories of the day. Facebook used as billboard for malware – “A cybercriminal has taken to selling his malware and related services on Facebook, boldly choosing a public forum to reach potential customers over the secretive world of the online underground.” This is a bold move by the […]

DHS CIO Spires put ‘on leave’, Enterprises running Java versions that are months out of date, analysis finds and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. DHS CIO Spires put ‘on leave’ – “FedScoop has learned that Department of Homeland Security’s Chief Information Officer Richard Spires has been put on immediate ‘on leave’ status with no further explanation as to why. Inquiries made to DHS officials about the matter this […]