451 Research Covers Platfora: Provides great summary of the technology and overview of key use cases


There is a new, well written, professionally done report on Platfora by 451 Research I’d like to bring to your attention. You can find it on the Platfora website at: http://ctolink.us/169WJUH  The overall 451 Research conclusion is that they “like Platfora’s in-memory approach, which, when combined with a strong visual exploratory front end and some other […]

Watch the 90 Second Platfora demo here


Platfora is enterprise grade technology that brings the power of Hadoop to any analyst that needs to get value from data. They are a game-changer in the Big Data field. But one of the best things about Platfora is it is incredibly easy to understand what they do and what sets them apart from others. […]

Run Recorded Future Foresite in your Private Cloud

We have previously written about Recorded Future, a company providing new ways of exploring what the web knows about coming events. Mankind knows things about the future and the analytic tools provided by Recorded Future helps extract the meaning and relevance of this knowledge and apply it to organizational missions. Their public cloud-based capabilities are […]

Strong Transformation Capabilities for Mission-Focused Application Integration

The T in ETL, or the “transform” stage of “extract, transform, load” data process, rarely gets the spotlight in the Big Data revolution, but it’s one of the most challenging and important elements in turning raw data into intelligence. Pulling entries from various logs, for example, is useless unless you transform the dates and times […]

SEPATON S2100-ES2 Data Protection Platform: Purpose-built for Big Backup


SEPATON designs and implements data protection solutions specifically for large, data-intensive enterprises facing the challenges of Big Backup. SEPATON’s fourth generation data protection platforms deliver the industry’s highest levels of scalability, performance, and reliability. These powerful, massively scalable, and extensible solutions are deployed in the largest enterprises in the world, enabling them to meet their […]

DataStax: Solutions for Apache Cassandra


DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise and powers online applications for 400+ customers and more than 20 of the Fortune 100. DataStax Enterprise is tailor made to manage Big Data. DataStax Enterprise’s built-for-scale architecture – based on Apache Cassandra – enables it to handle huge volumes of all types of data in a rapid […]