PNAS Editor Acknowledges Controversy of Facebook Study


Since its June publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, Facebook’s Experimental Evidence of Massive-Scale Emotional Contagion through Social Networks – a psychological experiment that manipulated the level of optimism or pessimism of users’ news feeds and measured subsequent Facebook activity – has received almost universally negative attention online. Although users […]

In Controversial Study, Facebook Investigates Networks of Emotions


We have written about the possibilities of manipulating “feeds” in the past. A recent political opinion study conducted by the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology found that altering individual news feeds has the potential to influence political opinions vis-à-vis election candidates – and could ultimately influence the outcomes of elections themselves. Facebook recently conducted […]

Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it)


Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it) Marketing’s landscape is changing. The advance of digital media – social channels especially – has dramatically altered the ways prime prospects expect to be approached. Yet marketers can struggle to understand social. A key factor is adaptation difficulties; social requires people who […]

Google Announces Acquisition of Satellite Maker, Skybox Imaging


Artificial intelligence, drones, home appliances – Google has certainly had an interesting shopping spree in the first half of 2014. The company’s emphasis on growth and pursuit of innovation manifest themselves through these acquisitions. Usually loved by tech enthusiasts and often questioned by Wall Street, Google’s enormous purchases seek to position the company ahead of […]

In the Battle of the Brands, Google Beats Apple


Google, Twitter, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft. Just because they’re all tech companies does not mean they look the same, act the same, or attract the same users. Google sells ads, while Apple sells iProducts, while Amazon sells everything else. But one universal feature of these companies is the value of their brands – and […]

Letter to FCC Poses Another Roadblock to Wheeler’s Fast Lanes


Net Neutrality advocates have targeted FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s controversial Internet rules for weeks now – decrying the proposed “fast lanes” as discriminatory and unfair; influential tech companies like Google and Netflix have joined the debate as well, opposing changes that will have a clear and significant impact on streaming services and other forms of […]