Google Acquires Drone Maker Titan Aerospace


Young tech companies certainly do not shy away from innovation or acquisition. Two examples: this year, Facebook acquired virtual reality firm Oculus in an effort to develop new communication lines, and Google purchased DeepMind, pushing into the artificial intelligence sphere.  The money involved wasn’t exactly pocket change; each acquisition cost upwards of hundreds of millions […]

Facebook Bets on Virtual Reality: Purchases VR firm Oculus


Tuesday, Facebook announced its plans to acquire Oculus VR for $2 billion. If you haven’t heard of it, Oculus VR is a virtual reality startup out of Irvine, CA. Its mission? – to produce “immersive virtual reality technology that’s wearable and affordable.” Starting on Kickstarter in June 2012, Oculus quickly raised millions from backers and […]

zSpace: Immersive Exploration For Collaboration, Design, Training and Education


With this post we are initiating coverage of zSpace, an incredible capability delivering new ways to collaborate, learn, design and create through immersive exploration. We see great potential for this firm in enterprise IT including workforce training and education, product marketing/sales, product design and executive level decision support. An overview of zSpace is available in the […]

MegaTrend Update: Dramatic and broad shifts in models due to software ("software eats the world")


We have been tracking this since Marc Andreessen called the trend out in 2011 (see “Why Software is Eating the World“) and are especially interested in how the trend will impact the world of the enterprise. We think this trend will continue, since it is being fed by growing proliferation of smart phones with increasingly […]

MegaTrend Update: User Empowerment and Consumerization

Galaxy Line Up

Enterprise IT professionals everywhere are familiar with this trend. We have all seen a shift in how our own IT departments and the global IT industry innovate and create and who is in the driver’s seat. CIO’s and CTO’s remain key players, but the focus is on users everywhere, and that includes the consumer. The […]

Infographic: Clinical Researchers Have Too Many Logins

There are many interesting considerations in this infographic, which was aimed at clinical researchers, but seems relevant to any user in any profession in a modern enterprise. Thanks to Ping Identity for pulling this together.