AFFIRM Panel: Kirit Amin’s Concepts Continue To Have Positive Influence In Government Business Models


I just read a review of a a 13 March session of the Association for Federal Information Resources Management (see AFFIRM). AFFIRM is a non-profit collective seeking to improve the management of information and related systems in the federal government. Lord knows we need AFFIRM now! The panel of 13 March was part of their […]

Analyzing GSA and DoD Cybersecurity and Resilience Recommendations


On 19FEB2013, the President directed SECDEF and GSA to report, within 120 days, on the “feasibility, security benefits, and relative merits of incorporating security standards into acquisition planning and contract administration” (more here). 369 days later, the report was signed and sent back to the President. Oh well, that’s DC time for you!  Improving Cybersecurity and […]

Virtuous Activity: GSA and DoD Announce Acquisition Cybersecurity and Resilience Recommendations

The GSA and DoD have just announced a new list of well coordinated recommendations for ways to enhance overall cybersecurity through better acquisition processes. Download it at this link: “Improving Cybersecurity and Resilience through Acquisition“. We view this as a critically important activity that will help enhance overall resilience of DoD and other US Government […]

60 days of hacker assaults, GSA will stop recruiting cloud security testers until the fall and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. 60 Days of Hacker Assaults – The first 60 days of 2013 have been marked by some serious security breaches. Twitter, Apple and Facebook all were targeted, along with the State Department, Federal Reserve and US Department of Energy. One firm, Mandiant, “released a […]

BlackBerry taps Trend Micro for app screening, DoE hit by 'sophisticated' cyber attack and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the world. BlackBerry signs up security firm to screen third party apps – BlackBerry has signed a contract with Trend Micro to screen all their App World submissions. This is a solid move, to further enhance BlackBerry’s reputation for security. While no app screening is perfect, […]

GSA shuts down, FCC CIO to step down and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. GSA shuts down - The GSA has shut down the online SAAS storefront, The online store,, was shut down “in an effort to provide streamlined customer service,” GSA said. GSA does say that these apps are all still available either through GSA schedules […]