An Update: A CTO’s Perspective On the USGIF GeoInt Symposium 14-17 Apr 2014


For a short update on some key issues to track, sessions to watch and tech to see on during the 14-17 Apr USGIF GeoInt Symposium see the video at this link (it is also embedded below): Thanks for watching! For more like this please subscribe to our YouTube channel.   Related articles Now That You Are […]

Tech Titans To Visit At Geoint: Here is my take on the must-see firms on the expo floor


This is a follow on to our post on planning your time at the Geoint Symposium. With this post I want to make some technology recommendations that may be helpful to you as you plan out your time at the Geoint Symposium 14-17 Apr. There are so many great firms on the expo floor you cannot possibly […]

Now That You Are Headed To Geoint, What Should You Do There?


Are you the kind of person that thinks long range planning means anything that is more than 24 hours out? If so, don’t feel lonely! Especially when it comes to events like the Geoint Symposium 14-17 Apr.  You know it is going to be a great event and you don’t need to put too much effort […]

Excitement Growing Over The 14-17 April Geoint Symposium: Register now!


The Geoint Symposium is a great place to connect with friends and associates from across the intelligence community. It remains the premier event for government and industry to collaborate and exchange lessons learned and work on mission needs. It is also a great way to catch up with friends and associates (which is why I […]

Haystax Digital Sandbox: Leader in public safety risk management


Haystax/Digital Sandbox provides analytic software products and services for threat and risk analysis and monitoring to National Security, Public Safety, and Homeland Security missions.  Federal, State, and Local agencies use Digital Sandbox commercial software product suites to quantify and monitor risks from natural and man-made threats, and to direct resources based on threat and risk priorities. […]

Big Data Use Cases in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community

With the urgent and important national security mission needs of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community it is no surprise that technologists there have sought out new approaches to analyzing data. This paper dives into key Big Data use cases, providing context you can use in designing and fielding your own solutions or in […]