Watch For More Product Feature Enhancements for Actifio Following $100M Funding Round


For over two years we have tracked Actifio as a leading firm on our Disruptive IT list and have watched as they continually and consistently improve the ability of enterprises to manage their data. Today Actifio announced they have achieved an over 182% annual growth rate with customers in 31 countries. They now have over […]

Innovators, Integrators and Tech Vendors: Here is what the government hopes they will buy from you in 2015


Everyone knows it can be very hard to do business with the government. But you can take steps to make it easier to serve. The most important thing to do, in my opinion, is to be informed on government mission needs. How else can you determine if you have what the government really wants from […]

Identity Relationship Management Market to Exceed $50 Billion by 2020


ForgeRock hosts flash mob at RSA to celebrate extraordinary growth in the identity industry  SAN FRANCISCO–(February 26, 2014)–ForgeRock Inc., the fastest-growing identity platform vendor, announced today that the identity relationship management (IRM) market, focused on managing customer interactions across any device or environment, will exceed $50 billion by 2020. To celebrate the massive opportunity, ForgeRock […]

MegaTrend Update: Cloud Computing

Cloud-Computing (1)

The continued march to cloud based services that connect to appliance-like devices now includes a full spectrum of options including private clouds, public clouds, edge clouds and blended clouds. This move to cloud capabilities is transforming business models and operating approaches. It is also having a direct impact on server sales globally. Regarding security, we continue to believe […]

MegaTrend Update: New Security Requirements and Capabilities


There are special technologies that need to be considered in modernizing approaches to ensuring security and risk mitigation. A short list of those we like include: Fixmo, Centripetal Networks, Invincea, Triumfant. There are also very important non-technological issues to consider in this domain, including the history of conflict in things cyber. For federal cyber security professionals: see FedCyber. Also see […]

MetaScale: Hadoop and NoSQL Platform Services


We met MetaScale last year and have written about them on our site, and have had the pleasure of interviewing their senior leadership. We believe they are worth tracking very closely because of their proven past performance. When they say they can do something it is because they have done it and that is […]