Microsoft Office Finally Makes its iPad Debut


On March 27th, Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint became available in the App Store for the iPad. Microsoft asserts that the new applications maintain the functionality and familiarity associated with Microsoft Office, “while offering a fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad.” The new application is available through an annual subscription, with […]

Hello-Hello: Language Learning apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle


Hello-Hello is an innovative mobile language learning company that couples language learning with social networking allowing users to interact with native speakers around the world. Hello-Hello was the first company to develop a language learning app designed exclusively for the iPad. The company’s first app was included in the limited 1,000-app Grand Opening of the […]

Powerbag: one accessory we all need


I recently picked up a Powerbag. For those not familiar with this device, a Powerbag is a pretty normal looking case, but with a plus, a battery pack with integrated circuitry hidden inside. I grabbed the Powerbag Business Class Case (my case has the larger 6000 mAh battery, unlike this version), which offers a zip out […]

Did Amazon knock one out of the park with the Kindle Fire HDX?


Last week, Jeff Bezos and Amazon released their updated Kindle Fire HD. I have been waiting to see how Amazon would react to the new Google/Asus Nexus 7 (which was quite a hit), but was honestly quite surprised with the quality of the product that Amazon has released. Coupled with their Fire OS 3.0 (based […]

Tailoring Your CTOVision Newsfeeds: More topics make it easier for you to track what you are most interested in


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Can you hear me now? DoD to create secure 4G Network

News out of the DoD is pointing to a unified defense network that will include 4G wireless coverage. Currently, the DoD operates over 15,000 networks, with millions of subscribers. The intent is to create one network, with multiple levels of security, that offers an App catalog department-wide. This network will tie into a DoD cloud, […]