Energy Department Announces New SunShot Projects to Harness the Power of Big Data

Editor’s note: The following announcement from the Department of Energy provides context on a potentially very virtuous use of advanced data analysis capabilities to help solve real-world challenges regarding energy costs in the US. Before you get too excited about the potential here, remember to read the details. As you dig deeper into the list […]

Chris Gladwin Founder, President and CEO of Cleversafe

Chris Gladwin founded Cleversafe in 2004, bringing to the company the same innovative and entrepreneurial approach that has signified his executive leadership throughout his career. Chris, who was previously the creator of the first workgroup storage server at Zenith Data Systems and was a Manager of Corporate Storage Standards at Lockheed Martin, also created and […]

DARPA's Robot Worm, DISA's Host-Based Security System, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency supported researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Seoul National University to create Meshworm, a crawling autonomous soft robot that could one day be used for reconnaissance. More here. The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns of the Reveton ransomware virus […]

Cognika: Automated Monitoring and Prediction

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Cognika Intelligence & Defense Solution (CIDS) was created with a mission to bring leading edge Analytic tools to the Military market. CIDS breakthrough technology combines the best of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with unique algorithms that emulate human cognition and serve as the foundation for the Smart Analytics engine on which Cognika ESP™ was created […]

Emotion Reading Technology Matures

Researchers at MIT‘s Media Lab have been developing a suite of technologies to analyze social interactions that are now hitting the market. In one project, actors mimed emotions and volunteers interpreted their expressions. The majority answers were added to a database that serves as a visual library of expressions which is compared  to realtime footage using […]