New Release of Pentaho Business Analytics and Data Integration Platform Belongs In Your Enterprise


Editor’s note: The Pentaho approach to business analytics and data integration works well with existing legacy approaches to data and every new big data capability we have seen. Pentaho is a well thought out platform that just works. So when they announce a new version we should all take note. This latest version offers enhanced capabilities for […]

White Paper: Three Big Data Blueprints


Enterprises everywhere have been seeking improved ways to make use of their data. Federal agencies have in many ways been on the cutting edge of community efforts at big data, with most all agencies either executing on a comprehensive big data strategy or empowering technologist to explore and prove out possible solutions so a strategy […]

Optimizing The Data Warehouse: A Big Data Blueprint from Pentaho


We previously wrote about the Pentaho Big Data Blueprints series, which include design packages of use to enterprise architects and other technologists seeking operational concepts and repeatable designs. With this post we provide more information from the blueprint on Optimizing the Data Warehouse: Optimizing your data warehouse can reduce strain on your existing systems and […]

DBaaS: The Next Killer App for Cloud Services


Editor’s note: This post by Chip Childers of CumuLogic captures context we believe of special relevance to all enterprise IT professionals, especially those with data to collect/store/process/analyze. He ends with a topic more of us from the technology world should be weighing in on. – bg As public and private cloud adoption continues to skyrocket, […]

Cloudant: Multi-petabyte data sets now analyzable in the cloud


Cloudant was acquired by IBM in March 2014. Cloudant was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 by three MIT physicists who at the time were moving multi-petabyte data sets around from the Large Hadron Collider. Frustrated by the available tools for managing and analyzing big data in their research, the founders built a distributed, fault-tolerant, […]

MetaScale: Hadoop and NoSQL Platform Services


We met MetaScale last year and have written about them on our site, and have had the pleasure of interviewing their senior leadership. We believe they are worth tracking very closely because of their proven past performance. When they say they can do something it is because they have done it and that is […]