Cloudant: Multi-petabyte data sets now analyzable in the cloud


Cloudant was acquired by IBM in March 2014. Cloudant was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008 by three MIT physicists who at the time were moving multi-petabyte data sets around from the Large Hadron Collider. Frustrated by the available tools for managing and analyzing big data in their research, the founders built a distributed, fault-tolerant, […]

MetaScale: Hadoop and NoSQL Platform Services


We met MetaScale last year and have written about them on our site, and have had the pleasure of interviewing their senior leadership. We believe they are worth tracking very closely because of their proven past performance. When they say they can do something it is because they have done it and that is […]

View On Demand: Best Practices for #BigData Solutions Plus @Pentaho and #MongoDB Partnering for Success


If you were not able to watch our webinar on best practices for government big data solutions please review the on demand recording at this link: The webinar reviews best practices in big data solutions based on surveys and research done here at It also includes details on useful integrations between Pentaho Business […]

3 Dec Webinar on Reducing Cost and Increasing Functionality of Government Big Data Solutions: @Pentaho and @MongoDB Partner


On Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 1pm Eastern, I’ll be providing a review of the five best practices in federal Big Data solutions based on reporting here at CTOvision. This webinar, hosted by Pentaho, also features MongoDB.  Join us for a discussion that will include information you can use to enhance the agility of your […]

Mongo Drama In The Database World


One of my favorite events of the year is Hadoop World. It is, as the name suggests, about Hadoop and the mission supporting applications a Hadoop-based framework can support. It is an event packed full of content on serious Hadoop related topics like Impala, Sentry, Cloudera Search or “How to Build a Hadoop Data Application.” […]

MemSQL: Incredible (fastest in world) performance


MemSQL, The Real-Time Analytics Platform For a great overview see the video embedded below and at this link: MemSQL’s real-time analytics platform is built on the world’s fastest, most scalable in-memory database, capable of simultaneously handling real-time transactions and analytic workloads. MemSQL unleashes the full potential of Big Data by consuming and returning data instantly. […]