HawkEye-G: Addressing key enterprise security technology needs


We have previously written about Hexis Cyber Solutions (see evaluation here). With this post we provide more context on some of the enterprise security needs addressed by HawkEye-G from Hexis. The following are some key technology considerations from an enterprise technology perspective: Over the years, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and world class best cyber defense professionals have collaborated on the […]

Hexis Cyber Solutions and HawkEye-G: Built with deep understanding of the cyber threat to the enterprise


We have previously written about Hexis Cyber Solutions (see evaluation here). With this post we provide more context on the state of the cyber threat, which is a key driver of the need for the HawkEye-G solution from Hexis. Here is the nature of today’s cyber threat against enterprises: The Cyber Threat continues to grow in […]

Internet Two Seeks Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer


A reader just brought a job description to my attention and I wanted to share it with you in the hopes that you will pass it along till the right person is found for this very important position. From: http://ctolink.us/OYJgbf Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer Internet2® is a member-owned, advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher […]

DISA Provides A milCloud Overview: Looks like progress, but watch for two big risks


DISA released the information below as an update on milCloud, an integrated suite of capabilities designed to drive agility into the development, deployment and maintenance of DoD applications. I have no insider information on this activity, but reading between the lines leads me to conclude there are two key risks to this program. My sense […]

Hexis Cyber Solutions: Fielding An Active Defense Grid For Enterprise Cyber Defense


Hexis Cyber Solutions is fielding one of the most virtuous enterprise cyber security solutions I have evaluated, a capability called HawkEye G. I’ve tracked this capability since it was a concept on a white board and watched as experienced professionals turned those concepts into working models and proven/successful offerings. I was recently treated to an […]

Red Owl Analytics: Next generation big data analytic platform


With this post we are beginning our initial reporting on Red Owl Analytics. We will be covering them in our special reports on Analytical Tools, Big Data, and Security.  We have followed Red Owl analytics from their beginning as a concept to a stealthy startup to their current award winning/mind-share-grabbing status. Something special is happening here that is […]