Statistician Believes Kill Switch Could Save Americans $2.6 Billion per Year


Kill Switches – the technology to remotely render stolen smartphones unusable – have recently received attention for their potential to protect smartphone owners. According to an FCC report, cell phone thefts constitute 30-40% of all thefts in major U.S. cities. Senators in California and in Congress have introduced bills that would make installing the Kill […]

Boeing Black Smartphone: Security, modularity and productivity


Note: this is from the official Boeing release at: But I thought I should mention, these guys briefed me on this effort two years ago. This has been a long time in the making. – bg Security, modularity and productivity delivered – all in one trusted mobile device. The U.S. defense and security communities demand trusted […]

Project Ray: World’s First SmartPhone Designed Especially for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Project Ray is the world’s first smartphone developed with advanced mobile technology for intuitive eye-free operation. The blind and visually impaired can now enjoy greater independence, spontaneity and accessibility to valuable daily services that we all take for granted in today’s smartphone world (for an overview see the video at this link and embedded below) […]

Leave the laptop at home and grab a wireless keyboard!

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As a student I have always struggled with lugging all of my books and technology across campus.  While the weight of laptops has begun to decrease, as technology advances, every single ounce counts when your bag is verging on 30 pounds. It was not until I decided to ditch my Macbook and switch to a […]

Foldable Screens by Samsung


Samsung is leading the charge in foldable screens, just like they have been doing for flexible and curved screens. For a video of a foldable screen see here:   I am sure, just like curved screens, the folding screen is just another step toward some technology advancement that will blow all of our minds. (Samsung recently […]

Flexible screens are not so far in the future.


If you are thinking of upgrading your phone there may be reason to wait. If you can hold off till after the holidays you may see an incredible new feature at your local store: bendable screens! Since Apple released the iPhone in 2007 there hasn’t been much development in the screen department, until now. LG recently […]