Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it)


Database marketing: How marketing struggles with social (and what to do about it) Marketing’s landscape is changing. The advance of digital media – social channels especially – has dramatically altered the ways prime prospects expect to be approached. Yet marketers can struggle to understand social. A key factor is adaptation difficulties; social requires people who […]

MegaTrend Update: User Empowerment and Consumerization

Galaxy Line Up

Enterprise IT professionals everywhere are familiar with this trend. We have all seen a shift in how our own IT departments and the global IT industry innovate and create and who is in the driver’s seat. CIO’s and CTO’s remain key players, but the focus is on users everywhere, and that includes the consumer. The […]

Infographic: Clinical Researchers Have Too Many Logins

There are many interesting considerations in this infographic, which was aimed at clinical researchers, but seems relevant to any user in any profession in a modern enterprise. Thanks to Ping Identity for pulling this together.

A look at Facebook’s Graph Search

It seems to me that Facebook as an odd habit of changing their home screen as soon as I become accustomed to the previous layout. This is true about the newest change to Facebook, which took place over the last few weeks. Initially, I was not too excited about the change to my beloved social media site, until I […]

Instagram Video, The New Vine?


Instagram, the popular photo sharing application which was recently acquired by Facebook, has released a new software update that enables the recording and sharing of 15 second long videos. This is great news for Android users like me because, unlike Twitter’s Vine application, Instagram video is available on Android and not just Apple devices. So […]

Moscow Rules: The original protocol for operating in the presence of adversaries can be applied to cyber defense


Lessons learned from US agents who operate in enemy territory have been captured for years and transformed into a code of conduct popularly known as “Moscow Rules.” Those old rules existed for a reason. Real-world experience proved their effectiveness when agents had to operate in the presence of adversaries. Since modern cyber defenders are also […]