Update Your Distribution Options


With this note we provide some administrative reminders and information on how you can make the best use of the CTOvision.com Technology Discovery Platform. We also provide links that will let you add or remove yourself from our e-mail newsletters. CTOvision provides up to date insights which can help ensure your technology strategy, procurements, plans […]

For The Technologist in Transition Or Seeking Employment


Are you a technologist considering a career shift? Here are some resources we hope you will find of use: For networking with other technologists, join our LinkedIn group on Disruptive IT.  The group focuses on enterprise technologists so you will be connecting with a wide swath of like minded professionals, which can help when it […]

DI2E Plugfest and Mashup Shaping Up To Be An Incredible Event For Disruptive IT Firms and Mission Focused Technologists Serving DoD Missions


We previously provided information on the DI2E Pluggest and Mashup event being coordinated by some forward thinking, mission-focused government thought leaders and friends at the Association for Enterprise Technology (AFEI).  The event will be held Monday 20 May at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. We liked the approach when we first heard of it […]

Liquid Robotics: An update on this particularly virtuous technology– and a request for your input

Autonomous vehicle article

It has been a while since we have written about our friends at Liquid Robotics. We imagine most of our readers are keeping their ears open for news on their capabilities, they are so widely known in tech circles just about everyone knows their basic approach of leveraging “Wave Gilders” as wave propelled robotic platforms […]

Seeking Sales and Technology Professionals Focused on Federal Technology Success


We focus most of our writings here on the technology community in and around the Washington DC area. This is our base and you readers are our the community we most want to serve with information. We have been in the tech community for years and over time have established broad networks and are frequently […]

A Video Update On The IO Modular Datacenter Designs

We have previously reported on IO, the leading provider of next generation modular data center technologies. With this post we would like to highlight a video that puts some of the technology into great context. Watch here for a fast paced view of what great engineers and mission focused technology professionals deliver in these modern […]