Holistic Security: Remaining Vigilant


“Capitol Police are responding to reports of suspicious packages in the Hart and Russell Senate office buildings and a bomb squad is on the scene. The buildings have not been evacuated, but certain areas of the buildings have been closed.” – Politico, April 17, 2013 The recent terror attack at the Boston Marathon is a […]

Social Media and Extremism: Sideshow or Center Stage?

On Twitter, Mike Olson of Cloudera asked me and Alex Olesker what we thought about the use of social media in the latest dustup between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He linked me to an article taking a broader look at the role of social media in terrorism and extremism. The following is some thoughts […]

Video: An Introduction to Recorded Future

Recorded Future is an online tool that scans roughly 150,000 sources on the web, indexes them by event, source, and, most importantly, period of time past, present, or future they are referencing, and provides analysis and visualization for analysts to harness the predictive power of the web. In past posts, we’ve discussed how it’s being used […]

Nice Video Overview of Recorded Future

The video below provides a nice overview of some of the features of Recorded Future. The views are stylized to make it easier for a presentation, but I think it does a great job of showing the power of this fantastic analytical tool. Please take a look and let us know your thoughts: Recorded Future: […]

Osama Bin Laden Letters Analyzed: A rapid assessment using Recorded Future's temporal analytic technologies and intelligence analysis tools

The Analysis Intelligence site provides open source analysis and information on a variety of topics based on the the temporal analytic technology and intelligence analysis tools of Recorded Future.  Shortly after the release of 175 pages of documents from the Combatting Terrorism Center (CTC) a very interesting assessment was posted on the site. This assessment […]

Terrorism Research Center Reconstitutes as Non-Profit Organization

I took great pleasure in reading the release below regarding the reconstitution of the Terrorism Research Center. The founders of the Terrorism Research Center (Matthew Devost, Brian Houghton, and Neal Pollard) are all highly regarded national security professionals and thought leaders who bring years of proven past performance to helping the nation think through some very […]