Big data spending to reach $114 billion in 2018, Botnet Found on Tor and more


Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Multiplayer games and DoS attacks – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) companies are especially concerned about denial of service attacks. Many believe that they have been targeted (perhaps by rivals) to put down the servers. Hackers and criminals may initiate these attacks […]

How to hide your IP address (and how to confirm it is really hidden)


Please take a quick look at our free IP address checker at   That page does something very simple, it shows what IP address you are using. This use useful for many reasons. One is to confirm whether or not your proxy system is working. There are many ways to hide your IP address. […]

Skynet botnet operating on Tor Network, DDoS attacks are coming from data center facilities and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Tor network used to command Skynet botnet - Researchers have identified that the Skynet botnet used to commit DDoS attacks was operating on the Tor network. The C&C servers are only accessible from withing the Tor network. Tor uses a hidden service protocol to protect […]