Thoughts On How To Win Business In The Current DoD Environment: Look for smart organizations making wise S&T investments


Thanks to budget cuts, war drawdowns and sequestration, saving money is now a new business opportunity!  Okay, that might sound like a contradiction, but it’s true!  Clever S&T investments and well-thought “hedging” strategies will enable DoD to continue to thrive, despite the cuts. We have seen many big-ticket items cut or delayed.  There is a frantic focus to […]

12 Jun 2014 Webinar: Automated Removal of Advanced Threats

To match Special Report USA-CYBERSECURITY/

If you are a technologist you no doubt have thoughts about security and how to improve your approach to enterprise-wide defense. Odds are you have concluded that the only way to mitigate the threat is through automation. Right? Please join us for a discussion on automated removal of cyber threats on Thursday June 12 at […]

Everything You Need To Know About DISA’s Joint Information Environment Mission Partner Symposium.


Editor’s note: Use your CTOvision Pro login for this one, it contains content you can use to tailor your offerings to win government business, with a deep dive on DoD technology needs. – bg May 12-14 2014 in Baltimore, the Convention Center was packed with DISA leadership and Industry hopefuls showing their IT wares. This event replaced previous DISA […]

USN Quarterly Industry Day at Charleston: What you need to know to compete


Call me lazy, but I really like it when I attend a Government presentation and they include some information on exactly and precisely WHAT upcoming opportunities are available for Industry.   Details!  RFI?  RFP?  What quarter?  Contract type?  How much?Of course, Government is required to give Industry a forecast so that Industry can be prepared […]

USMC and DoD Rapid Reaction Technology Office Seeks Info On Six Categories of Technology: Please review and engage


Friends at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies recently brought this to our attention and since a high number of our readers live their lives studying or working with advanced technologies we wanted to get this to you right away. The threat of improvised explosive devices (IED) has proven very difficult to mitigate. This strategic threat poses […]

Creating The New Cyber Warrior: Eight South Carolina Universities Compete


When Defense Secretary Hagel announced that he was going to expand his cyber workforce by more than 6,000 by the end of 2016, I think most of us in the industry collectively wondered: “Where the heck is he going to FIND these cyber warriors?” While almost every University is paying attention to this career enhancing […]