The Navy’s Disconnected Refresh Strategy: Delivering Yesterday’s IT Tomorrow


I’m going to spell out a challenge in hopes that someone fixes this (if you have a way to fix this issue you will be a hero to us all and probably make a billion dollars at the same time). If you have been on a Navy ship recently then you know the ugly truth: […]

Navy continues to invest in innovation: Review their S&T efforts here


We are all sick of hearing about the budget cuts and woes of DoD.  Let’s focus on the good news: some really great things will continue to be funded as Navy continues to invest in innovation.  Last week, Secretary of Defense released the details of the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and the FY15 Budget […]

Navy’s Elite Super IT Team: There are lessons here for IT in any complex global enterprise


Connecting lots of high end users spread across the globe in constantly changing configurations is a challenge that the Navy tackles every day. Picture this:  300 ships moving in and out of geographic regions, connecting and disconnecting to a varied structure of military and commercial satellites. Add to the mix an average three-year rotation onboard for […]

DoD’s New Air Sea Battle Concept: An overview


The recently released summary of the Air-Sea Battle: Service Collaboration to Address Anti-Access and Area Denial Challenges provides interesting reading on how DoD is preparing to meet evolving threats. It’s a direct challenge to DoD components to work together and collaborate – more than they ever have before. DoD has traditionally been a kluge of distinct and […]

USN moving out with CANES: Buying Tomorrows High Tech Navy


In January, the Navy finally started the installation phase of their long awaited Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) equipment onboard the USS Milius (DDG 69).  This is the program that will consolidate multiple unique shipboard networks and hardware requirements to reduce security vulnerabilities, maintenance costs and to improve interoperability between systems. Basically, it […]

Navy’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Disrupting Air Dominance Whether The Air Force Wants Them To Or Not


Friends in the Navy have been theorizing for years about a future where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) might fly actual combat missions. One theoretical concept might be large flights of aircraft, perhaps with one manned to control 12 unmanned, and those 12 unmanned being giving broad engagement orders and sent into automated combat with performance […]