Refocusing SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT) –from Speed to Oversight

On 23 January 2014, 400 industry representatives assembled in Charleston for the 31st Small Business Industry Outreach Initiative (SBIOI). Despite the name, this is basically a quarterly Industry Day, where SSC LANT personnel brief defense contractors (large and small) on the current and future opportunities. Mr. Dave Monahan, the acting Technical Director (Mr. Dunn should […]

Planning for Maritime Domain Awareness: What you need to know to contribute to the effort

On 30 December 2013, the White House released the National Maritime Domain Awareness Plan for the National Strategy for Maritime Security (located here). Throughout the past decade, this long-worn term “Martime Domain Awareness” has meant many things to many people. But basically, it encompasses any maritime issue that impacts the security, safety, economy or environment […]

Doing Business with DoD and All of Fed Government- Post-Sequestration


Do you interact with government professionals in DoD or elsewhere in the federal government? This post may give you some important insights that may help. Next time you make an appointment to meet with your DoD counterpart, you will most likely notice some very unpleasant changes. As you are well aware, sequestration has forced DoD […]

DoD’s New Air Sea Battle Concept: An overview

By The recently released summary of the Air-Sea Battle: Service Collaboration to Address Anti-Access and Area Denial Challenges provides interesting reading on how DoD is preparing to meet evolving threats. It’s a direct challenge to DoD components to work together and collaborate – more than they ever have before. DoD has traditionally been a kluge of distinct […]

Navy’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Disrupting Air Dominance Whether The Air Force Wants Them To Or Not

By Bob Gourley Friends in the Navy have been theorizing for years about a future where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) might fly actual combat missions. One theoretical concept might be large flights of aircraft, perhaps with one manned to control 12 unmanned, and those 12 unmanned being giving broad engagement orders and sent into automated […]

Navy Data Center Consolidation (DCC) Ashore

I recently heard the update given to the Gulf Coast Government Contractors Association (GCGCA) on 12 DEC about how the Navy plans to consolidate their data centers. I think this is important work and have been following the progress for several years. A quick look back in history helps explain why the situation has become […]