Google Acquires Drone Maker Titan Aerospace


Young tech companies certainly do not shy away from innovation or acquisition. Two examples: this year, Facebook acquired virtual reality firm Oculus in an effort to develop new communication lines, and Google purchased DeepMind, pushing into the artificial intelligence sphere.  The money involved wasn’t exactly pocket change; each acquisition cost upwards of hundreds of millions […]

Boeing Black Smartphone: Security, modularity and productivity


Note: this is from the official Boeing release at: But I thought I should mention, these guys briefed me on this effort two years ago. This has been a long time in the making. – bg Security, modularity and productivity delivered – all in one trusted mobile device. The U.S. defense and security communities demand trusted […]

Important Observations on Pentagon IT from Arthur Herman and John Scott

Today’s Wall Street Journal carries an opinion piece by Arthur Herman and John Scott on the state of IT procurement in the Pentagon. I’m glad they selected WSJ for this piece, since changing the Pentagon system requires awareness and action by a broad range of actors, not just those on the inside or around the […]

OS X Mountain Lion released, Nexus Q shipping and more

Here are the tech stories that we at CTOVision feel are most important today. While Apple’s Mountain Lion has been in beta and review versions since February, today is the first day you can buy it. The price (only $20) isn’t bad, and the update will work with older technology (back to around 2008). Gizmodo […]