How Can We Retain The Jedi Masters Of Federal IT In Government Service? Yodas Require Big Missions To Serve


If you follow federal IT you more than likely already read Steve O’Keeffe. But if you are new to this world you can find him at Last week he treated his followers to a nicely written piece which used metaphors from the Titanic (but in this case, the USS ITanic).This is a great overview […]

Instagram Video, The New Vine?


Instagram, the popular photo sharing application which was recently acquired by Facebook, has released a new software update that enables the recording and sharing of 15 second long videos. This is great news for Android users like me because, unlike Twitter’s Vine application, Instagram video is available on Android and not just Apple devices. So […]

Interact with Highly Regarded Cyber Intelligence Professionals at AFCEA’s Global Intelligence Forum 30-31 July 2013


AFCEA continues to help facilitate dialog on issues of importance to the nation regarding technology and national security. An event I believe you will find of high interest is their July 30-31 2013 Global Intelligence Forum. I have pasted information below from their site including a list of speakers. AFCEA events almost always are booked […]

DISA collapsing wired networks, expanding wireless, Coasties don’t want expensive TISCOM laptops and more


Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Coasties don’t want expensive TISCOM laptops – According to a recent DHS audit, the Coast Guard is sitting on over 5,000 laptops in Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command warehouses. These laptops, many of which are over 3 years old, cost units over […]

Reduce Risk, Cost, and Delay with Real-time Response

Some topics we are tracking: Guidance Software offers a service called EnCase Cybersecurity. Maximizing Network and Mobile User Performance.  Discussions On Revising the Current Cybersecurity Bill. and more Reduce Risk, Cost, and Delay with Real-time Response and Security Event Validation Guidance Software offers a service called EnCase Cybersecurity.  “EnCase Cybersecurity is the endpoint incident response […]

February Cyber Conflict Link Roundup

February was an incredible month of developments. Obviously the two big stories are the Mandiant report on the group tagged APT 1, and the White House’s reactions to the cyber espionage issue by using international trade efforts. Even the NYT, WaPo and WSJ hacks all pale in comparison to these developments. A busy month for […]